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Dress and Footwear Guidelines

Dress and Footwear Guidelines

Staff at Sydney Children's Hospital School  work within the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework, to support the physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs of the students at the School. Our commitment is to have a teaching and learning environment that enables the development of healthy, happy, successful and productive individuals. Students will be expected to contribute to their own wellbeing, the wellbeing of their peers and the collective wellbeing of their communities.

Sydney Children's Hospital School caters to a broad cross section of students and all students are required to be Safe, Respectful and Thoughtful, for the wellbeing of themselves and their peers. 

Students are requested to adhere to the following guidelines for dress and footwear when attending the classroom: 

  • Closed in footwear that does not expose your toes. 
  • Modest clothing
  • A jacket, jumper or cardigan so that you do not have to return to your ward if you become cold. 
  • Sun safe clothing, shoulders covered and a hat for recess.   
  • Clothing with offensive slogans, drug references and profanities are inappropriate.

If you require any additional clarification please contact the School office on 02 9399 7119 or email