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E-technology policy

Sydney Children's Hospital School has identified the use of e-technology as a priority in delivering quality teaching. The school is committed to ensuring that 21st Century learners are able to effectively and actively participate in the teaching and learning process. 

E-technology provides an opportunity to enhance students' learning experiences by providing access to vast amounts of information across the globe. E-technology and online communication links students to provide a collaborative learning environment. It is intended to assist with learning outcomes. The inclusion of technology in the classroom supports the curriculum content and encourages higher order thinking.

Students at Sydney Children's Hospital School are able to use both school devices in conjunction with their own devices to access content provided by both staff at SCHS and staff from their census school.

SCHS uses e-technology to ensure that students are able to keep in touch with schools and peers through the use of video conferencing using our connected classrooms equipment, Interactive whiteboard, and iPads. Students also are able to access school websites, wikis, and Moodle and Edmodo pages to ensure a steady flow of work is available for students when they are able to work.

SCHS provides students with access to:

  • iPads
  • an Interactive Whiteboard
  • Ebeams
  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Macbook Pro

The documents attached within this section outline the procedures for e-technology use at SCHS for both students and staff. Staff and students are bound by the policies written by both DEC and SCHS for the appropriate and acceptable use of e-technology. They encompass e-technology either provided by SCHS or brought to SCHS under the DEC Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy both a school, during school service on the ward, and borrowed from SCHS by staff.

You can now download our SCHS E-technology Policy (PDF 45KB)

Acceptable usage for staff

You can now download our E-technology staff (PDF 45KB)

Acceptable usage for students

Please access and download our E-technology students (PDF 45KB)

Kindergarten - Year 3 E-technology contract

Please view and download our K - 3 Contract (PDF 33KB).

Year 4 - 6 E-technology contract

Please view and download our 4 - 6 contract (PDF 42KB).

Year 7 - 12 E-technology contract

Please view and download our 7 - 12 contract (PDF 41KB).