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Learning and support

Quality teaching and complex student case management are SCHS priorities. The SCHS Learning Support Framework Local Implementation Guide captures the Learning Support Cycle of student case management at SCHS.

  • Case management at SCHS is a continuum from admission to discharge/unenrolment - this document pulls what we have in multiple places into one framework.
  • Coordinated Health and Education planning and support plans support student transition success.

The school learning and support team plays a key role in ensuring that the specific needs of students with disability and additional learning and support needs are met

  • The composition of Learning and Support teams may vary as they are made up of members according to the needs of the school and community in which they work
  • School counselling staff and learning and support teachers are most often ongoing members of a school’s LST
  • Coordinate planning processes and resourcing for students with disability and additional learning and support needs, which may include health and wellbeing
  • Design and implement the supports required to build teacher capacity so that all students access quality learning
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, other professionals and the wider school community
  • Where schools have implemented ‘School-led multiagency responses’ or ‘School-initiated health and wellbeing alliances’, the LST acts as a key coordination point for referrals and on-going monitoring of outcomes for students following interventions.