Sydney Childrens Hospital School

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About our school

The Student Journey

The student population is diverse with student enrolments from both government and non–government school settings across Australia and internationally.

Our School caters to school-aged patients, and when necessary their siblings, who are unable to attend their census school, due to short-term or long-term healthcare needs. Students accessing a Hospital School may be:

  1. Inpatients: students who are residing in the hospital
  2. Outpatients: students who require treatment at the hospital, though do not require an overnight bed.
  3. Siblings: students who do not require hospital care, but can not attend their census school due to the treatment of a sibling.

The vastly different needs of students, based on their health needs and enrolment patterns, require differentiated methods of education delivery. Personalisation of learning plays a critical role in ensuring every young person who engages with the Hospital School is provided with the educational experience that meets their learning, well-being and social needs, as well as chronic or acute health needs. 

The enrolment variability of students requires teaching staff to develop a personal learning pathway appropriate to their age, curriculum access point and projected enrolment period, with an emphasis on providing a whole school approach to digital connectedness and the delivery of a  Hybrid Teaching and Learning Model connecting students whether remotely, in hospital wards or within multistage classrooms.

Students will move between the following delivery methods; in each space, their learning will be a seamless combination of learning that is face to face and virtual:

  • School hub
  • Ward – in room
  • Ward - shared spaces
  • Remote – patients in isolation or private accommodation