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What has Semester 1 looked like at SCHS - Education Week 'Lifelong learners'

What has Semester 1 looked like at SCHS - Education Week 'Lifelong learners'

What did Primary do?

Last semester was a busy one for the Primary class, with a combination of class, ward and remote teaching. Our Team were busy implementing Microsoft Team Classrooms to connect students wherever they were: home, in the hospital or at Ronald McDonald House. Our focus for Term 1 Collaborative Lessons were History and Celebrations where we looked at historical features within the local hospital community, the change in technology and celebrations. Some of our celebrations included NAIDOC Week, ANZAC Day and Harmony Day. We celebrated NAIDOC week, with a visit from local Bundjalung artist, Lewis Hennessy. Lewis worked with the students, using traditional dot painting to create an artwork signifying the theme of Heal Country.

Our ANZAC Day ceremony took place in the SCHS foyer, with our students sharing poems and readings reflecting the significance of ANZAC Day. Harmony Day saw the students and staff dressed in orange to celebrate peace and harmony around the world. In Term 2 Geography, we looked at Australia and its special features, along with connections that individuals have to their local and global community. We explored the features of Google maps to gain an understanding of different locations within Australia and around the world.

The SCHS took part in the SCHF Art Programme with Rose Downie supporting the workshops. We explored different media such watercolour, clay fingerprints and oil pastels to create a variety of artworks. These were inspired by a different artist each week. Ours students really enjoy these workshops.

Our Music Programme involved a weekly visit from Music Matt (Child and Life Therapy). In these sessions, the students are able to experiment with a range of musical instruments to create music and sound. The students have explored different ways of writing music and lyrics and have been able to share these remotely.

What did High School do?

What a year it has been! Despite the challenges to teaching and learning presented by COVID 19, teachers worked collaboratively with census schools to engage students in teaching and learning programs that continued student achievement across their assessment schedules and curriculum content.

We have had changes in staff in the high school team with the addition of new teachers with the speciality across English, History (Renae), as well as Music and Mathematics (Jaimie). They have had a busy semester learning what teaching and learning looks like in a hospital school context and bringing in important skill and knowledge to our school.

A hybrid learning model supported students and connected the high school classroom, from the wards and via remote learning from home during the different phases of the pandemic.

Students have actively participated in a myriad of events, such as:
Women in Science Week in March involved a joint initiative with the adjoining Royal Hospital for Women. Where prominent and successful women in science were interviewed and provided encouragement to the young women of the future to take up the challenge and be immersed in S.T.E.M. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers and communities. Who knows if a current Sydney Childrens Hospital School student will become a future astronaut reaching for the stars and beyond?

ANZAC Day were we solemnly commemorated in a joint service attended by primary and secondary students. Students listened to a recitation of the Ode and listened to the Last Post. Artworks and poems composed by students based on the symbolism of the poppy reflected the students understanding and respect for the sacrifice of Australian men and women in both the past and in the present for their fellow Australians.

Virtual excursions have been enthusiastically embraced by the school community as a valuable learning tool for students in hospital. Students attended a virtual excursion hosted by the Royal Botanic Gardens on May 26th during Reconciliation Week.

Finally, Education Week cannot be concluded without acknowledging the resilience of our students in their efforts to learn and grow whilst hospitalised and in adapting to the demands of remote learning due to COVID-19. Our students have risen to the challenge and demonstrated that the future is indeed bright in the hands of our remarkable young people.

High School Art